How long should you wear a retainer?

How Long Should You Wear a Retainer?

You’ve just finished your orthodontic treatment. Yay! Your smile looks fantastic, and it feels so good to be free of braces finally. But wait! The orthodontist says you will need to wear a retainer as a follow-up treatment. So, now you want to know: How long should you wear a retainer? When should you wear this […]

Close-up of someone putting aligner tray in mouth for Invisalign® treatment

Your Top 5 Questions About Invisalign® Treatment Answered!

Invisalign® treatment has become the #1 preferred method for straightening teeth. Are you considering Invisalign®? Do you have questions that need to be answered before you can decide? We have put together the top five questions our patients ask about this revolutionary orthodontic treatment, which are probably the same questions you are asking! 1. How […]

Adults with strait teeth and their family

Orthodontics Are Important For All Ages

When people think about braces they generally picture a teenager with a mouth full of metal braces. And while it’s true that many people have orthodontic treatment in their teens, there is a growing trend toward adults using orthodontics. Why is orthodontic treatment just as important for adults as teens? Are there treatment options that […]