What To Expect With Damon Braces: Straighter Faster and Affordable

You and your teen need to know what to expect with Damon BracesHave you been living with crooked teeth, crowding, and bite issues? Do you have a teenager who is suffering a loss confidence because of his or her appearance? As you explore teeth straightening options, you need to know what to expect with Damon Braces to achieve that perfect smile.

Dr. Zuroff, your Kennewick orthodontist has transformed countless smiles with the Damon system and provides financial options to make a stunning smile within your reach.

How Does the Damon System Work?

Traditional metal braces are common due to their effective results in straightening and aligning smiles. Damon Braces are similar in many ways, but unlike traditional braces that are tied in with elastics, the Damon system uses a unique slide mechanism.

What does this difference mean for you?

What To Expect with Damon Braces

Unlike Invisalign, anyone is a candidate for the Damon System. Here’s what to expect with Damon Braces:

Less Pain

  • Little to no pain when braces are adjusted as less pressure is required
  • Less discomfort to the cheeks and lips as the bracket is smoother

Easy Cleaning

These braces are much easier to keep clean by not using the elastic ties to keep the wires in. There are fewer places for plaque and bacteria to accumulate.

Aesthetic Appearance

Clear brackets are available making the treatment nearly invisible. Reduce costs by using clear brackets only where they will be visible.

You can expect a more natural smile with Damon Braces
Achieve a broader and more natural smile since your orthodontist will not be forced to extract healthy teeth.

Faster Results

With this system, the treatment times are significantly shorter. Patients require nearly half the appointments of traditional braces resulting in less cost and more convenience (source… This text opens the Damon Braces page in a new tab …).

The impressive results, accelerated treatment times and nearly invisible option makes this an attractive alternative to other methods of teeth straightening.

But How Can I Afford Braces?

A beautiful smile is an investment in yourself. As caring parents, we know you want the best for your children and want to give them the confidence of a perfect smile. The benefits of a straight smile are priceless.

The average cost of Damon Braces is usually comparable to other treatment systems. Depending on individual cases it can cost anywhere between $3,800 and $8,000.

Before you rule out the possibility of achieving a dream smile, consider your options:

  • dental insurance — talk to your provider to see if the treatment is covered
  • 0% interest financing options — at Zuroff Orthodonic Care, we provide options for monthly payment plans
  • free consultations — take advantage of our free consultations to evaluate your smile makeover treatment options

Choosing an Orthodontist in Kennewick

Deciding to invest in your perfect smile or that of your teen isn’t just about aesthetics.

Crowding and bite issues could become worse over time and continued wear on teeth could cause more damage and lead to future restorative work. By not treating the problems now, future treatment may become more expensive and extensive.

With over 20 years of experience, Dr. Zuroff has created many of the beautiful smiles you see around the Tri-Cities area. At our free consultations, we explain the diagnostic process and provide all the information you need to start your treatment with greater ease and at no cost!

“Dr Zuroff and his team are amazing. They make you feel comfortable right away. They go over the treatment plan step by step which helped ease any worries we had.” — Actual Patient

You’ll never regret your decision to invest in your smile or that of your children. Call Andi and Christin at 509-735-7772 or schedule your complimentary orthodontic consultation today.

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