How to Talk to an Orthodontist Online for Free

With busy lives and social distancing, wouldn’t it be nice if you could talk to an orthodontist online for free?

You could skip hours of searching online, avoid calling offices to find a “convenient” time to visit, and save time by not having to drive or sit in traffic.

With teledentistry, you can!

Teledentistry uses communication technology, such as phones or video chats, to connect you to an orthodontist remotely.

So if you’re considering straightening your teeth and want to explore your orthodontics options, then keep reading!

How to talk to an orthodontist online for free

First, you’ll need to find an orthodontist who offers virtual consultations.

A simple Google search for “online orthodontic consultation near me” should show you what you’re looking for.

Next, review the policy.

Is it free? Sometimes orthodontists will charge for online appointments.

At Zuroff Orthodontic Care, you can talk to our orthodontist online for FREE.

Then, complete the steps.

Most often, there’s a form where you’ll need to upload photos and describe your questions or concerns.

Photos of your teeth will help the orthodontist provide more accurate recommendations, so make sure your images are in good lighting and clear.

Finally, get your answers.

Our Kennewick orthodontist, Dr. Jay Zuroff, offers video consultations.

So once we receive your request and review it, we’ll reach to schedule a convenient time to chat. You can expect to hear from us in 1-2 business days.

Woman holding an aligner and braces model with text, "7 reasons you should book a virtual consultation"

7 reasons why you should use teledentistry for orthodontics

Besides the obvious convenience of talking to an orthodontist online, there are many more reasons why you should consider teledentistry.

1. It has many uses

You can use an online ortho consult to:

2. It’s affordable (if not free)

Even if your orthodontist charges for a virtual consultation, the likelihood is it’s a minimal fee and may even be covered by insurance.

If it’s free, that’s even better!

You’ll also save money by:

  • Not driving to and from the office
  • Not taking time off of work or school
  • Not having to find childcare

3. It fits into your schedule

You don’t have to plan your week around this “appointment.”

You can conduct your virtual consult at home, work, the airport, or even on vacation.

All you need is cell phone service or wifi, depending on the type of consultation.

4. Parents love it

Does your child need orthodontic treatment?

It’s recommended that children visit an orthodontist around the age of seven, or sooner if orthodontic problems are visible.

Teledentistry makes it easy for parents to consult with a certified orthodontist about their child’s needs and determine the next steps (if necessary).

5. You don’t need a referral

You don’t need a dentist’s referral to talk to an orthodontist online.

Dr. Zuroff doesn’t require a referral for any of our services.

6. Get a second opinion

Have you already received treatment recommendations?

There’s no harm in getting a second opinion, and we’d be happy to offer you our honest advice.

7. It’s fear-free

Does the thought of going to an orthodontic office make you anxious?

We understand. Many people suffer from dental anxiety and fear.

Our goal is to help you overcome any barriers stopping you from achieving the smile of your dreams.

We hope to remove some of that fear and start building a trusting relationship before you enter our office by meeting with us virtually.

Then when you do visit us, we’ll be sure to note your needs and adjust your visit, so you’re comfortable and at ease.

Bonus: It’s safe!

We can help reduce the spread of any illness by conducting online visits when feasible.

Woman looking at laptop with text, "Request a FREE online orthodontic consultation with Dr. Zuroff today!"

Want to talk to our orthodontist in Kennewick, WA online for free?

If you live in the Tri-Cities area, request an online orthodontic consultation today!

Our orthodontic office is located in Kennewick, WA, and proudly serves our surrounding communities, including Richland, Pasco, and Northeast Oregon.

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