Invisalign® : A Teen-Age Dream!

Group Of Teenage Students Chatting Together In Park

Who doesn’t want beautiful, straight teeth? And now, with Invisalign® it is possible for both teenagers and adults to have a great smile without the discomfort and embarrassment of metal braces.

Rather than metal wires and brackets, Invisalign® uses clear, sturdy, custom-made plastic aligner trays. Little by little, these high-tech aligners exert gentle pressure that moves teeth into their correct position.

How Effective Is Invisalign®?

For correcting common teeth-straightening issues, Invisalign® for teens in the hands of a certified provider like Dr. Zuroff can be as effective as traditional braces. Problems such as overbite, underbite, overcrowding and gaps between the teeth can be solved, and because of the barely-there effect of Invisalign® it won’t be obvious to others that you are straightening your teeth.

Being a teen-ager can be hard enough without the added emotional pressure of feeling self-conscious because of crooked teeth. Invisalign® teen is the perfect solution for restoring self-confidence to your teen’s smile.


A picture is definitely worth a thousand words when it comes to demonstrating the effectiveness of Invisalign®, but we feel the results are actually priceless. Take a look at how Invisalign® straightened the smiles of some of our actual teen patients.

LOGAN                                                    SEAN

Kennewick teen's teeth before and after Invisalign treatmentTeen's teeth before and after Invisalign treatment in Kennewick








ANDREW                                                   DANE

Kennewick's teen's teeth before and after InvisalignDane's teeth before and after Invisalign treatment








Logan – Was 14 years old when he started treatment which lasted for 9 month. Logan’s issues were spacing and crowding.

Sean – Was 12 years old when he started treatment which lasted for 11 months. Sean’s issues were spacing.

Andrew – Was 15 years old when his treatment started and lasted for 18 months. Andrew’s issues were spacing and flaring.

Dane – Was 13 years old when his treatment started and lasted for 10.5 months. Dane’s issues were crossbite and spacing.

Why Should You Choose Invisalign®?

What are some of the other advantages of Invisalign® for teens?

  • The aligners are removable. They can be removed for class and prom photos, sports, and band practice. Brushing and flossing are easy with removable trays so maintaining proper oral care is a cinch.
  • There are no food restrictions. Popcorn, hard candies, ice and raw foods can be a problem with metal braces, not so with Invisalign. Your teen can eat whatever they like.
  • Treatment time and cost is the same. Invisalign® and metal braces take about the same amount of time to finish the process and cost about the same amount.
  • Less visits to the dentist. You don’t need to visit the dentist for tightening your braces. Every 2 weeks or so you will switch to the next aligner tray in your treatment’s graduated series and you will visit the dentist about every four to six weeks.
  • Invisalign® treatment is covered by most insurance plans.

Whether you are a teen or the parent of a teen interested in Invisalign® treatment, we know you must have many questions. We have created an informative fact sheet for you that has the answers to questions we know you are asking. You can download your free copy on our home page.

Invisalign® for teens and adults can help you have the beautiful, straight smile you’ve been wanting. Just call our Kennewick dental office at (509)735-7772 or contact us for an appointment. You’ll be on the way to your new smile in no time!

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